We are Supersteil

We’re the digital agency with passion for interaction.

We are Supersteil

Founded in 2007, Supersteil is a digital agency that provides premium clients with innovative interactive solutions.

We have a mission

We are dedicated to providing our clients digital solutions in the form of ideas, eye-candy designs and meticulous coding that strike the sweet spot where design and technology meet. Innovation is in our nature and we execute it with finesse to create mind-blowing, award-winning products.

We are a team

We are a team of dedicated professionals who dream day and night about design and development. There isn't much we won't do in order to bring an awesome project successfully into life. No wonder the force is with us.

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What can we do for you?

We deliver the most extensive online presence there is for your company. Moreover, we are ready to go to great lengths to get your product multi-device ready so that a large public can enjoy it. Some count their blessings, we count our pixels. We make sure that all our designs are pixel-perfect and coded with precision. Last but not least, we offer our clients a total package. We get stuff done. You can rest assured that we’re willing and capable of creating digital solutions that by all means exceed expectations.

Online Presence

There are no uncharted seas anymore. Neither are there undiscovered jungles. The world has become our backyard and a successful digital product is able to speak to a global public. We have the experience to understand your goals and the expertise to help you reach the four corners of the world wide web.


The internet is no longer a sole property of computers or mobile devices. From regulating your thermostat to renting a movie on your TV the convenience of being online has spread far beyond surfing the web. So it's only natural that digital solutions of today are created to be multi-platform compatible. We specialize in designing and developing bespoke products that are tailor made for a wide range of devices.

We think ahead

Today is the yesterday of tomorrow. With this in mind, we build future-proof digital solutions that don't only save the day but also take your brand to the future.

Perfection perfected

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it just also happens to be on the fingertips of our designers and developers. Our work is well-known for its polished look and feel that ensure an unmatched user-experience. Our strength lies in how we strive to create digital products that bring eye-candy aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology together.

Pixel perfect design

Don't believe what they tell you. Looks matter. That's why we pay attention to every single pixel and build stunning digital experiences that are brimming with beauty.

Clockwork coding

What good is a good design without the right coding to make it work smoothly? It is not enough to produce eye-candy visuals. We know that. We also know how to make a product with precise coding that runs like an olympic athlete.

  • padding: 7px 0;
  • background-color: #f9c321;
  • color: #fff;
  • font-size: 20px;
  • font-weight: bold;
  • text-align: center;

We’ll make it work

There are half a dozen web browsers that are in use right now. What works for one, doesn't work for the other. We take no shortcuts and make things work on every single one of them by developing elements from scratch if necessary.

Total Package

From start to finish of a project we offer our clients a complete service package. We like to be involved in all phases of creation including briefing, concept creating, interaction design, visual design, coding and the actual release of the product


We won’t leave you hanging

Our work doesn't end after we deliver you the product. We support our clients with post-project support such as updates, improvements and general advice. 

Our Clients

Our portfolio boasts quite a few names who are big in their field. We are good at what we do and we like working with brands who’re good at what they do. Regardless of the size of your company if you mean quality, we mean business.

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