2013 here we come!

News: 2013 here we come!

A look back and ahead

Posted on January 4th, 2013 by Vera Butter

Happy new year

As the new year is taking its baby steps, we would like to take the time to wish you a happy new year and share our highlights of 2012. 

2012 has left us for good. But no worries! The new year has arrived with a satchel full of new challenges to tackle, dreams to realize and hopes to fulfill. So before we go any further and talk about our achievements and expectations, we warmly wish you health, happiness and all the means to prosper in your endeavors in 2013.

So much style that it’s Supersteil

If you have been following us through our blog you might have wondered “Wow, don’t these guys ever stop working?”. You’d certainly be right to think that. Supersteil has been super active in 2012 and it is this “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.” mentality that gets our creative juices flowing. In the course of the last year, we won an award, acquired new clients, realized awesome projects, grew as a team and most importantly, while doing all these, had lots of fun. Bring it on 2013!

Blood, sweat and awards

Those who know of our work also know the amount of effort we put into making things awesome. Last year, we saw that such efforts did not escape the authoritative eyes within the industry as our meticulous cooperation with the Pathé team on the video-on-demand service, Pathé Thuis, brought us the Dutch Interactive Award (DIA) for the Best E-Commerce Site. Winning such an illustrious award was a great honor for our whole team and it was a pleasant proof that our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Us and 538, we’ve got this thing going on

Soon after we won the Dutch Interactive Award, we captured a new client; the popular radio station 538. We were commissioned to create an improved online radio player and design the new 538.nl.

5 years young

Aside from the glory and glamor, 2012 was a special year for Supersteil for another reason as well. It was our 5th anniversary. We’ve been going strong for half a decade and such a milestone was worthy of a proper celebration. So we organized an office party for our families, friends and clients. The bash was a blast. We hereby again thank everyone who have throughout the time, in one way or another, contributed to our progress. We have been amazing for 5 long years and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Ich bin ein Berliner

We had never been on a trip together with the team and we thought our 5th anniversary was a good opportunity to gather and go somewhere. Our destination was Berlin. So for a weekend we took the train and traveled across to ze German lands. We cruised on bikes, marveled at Andy Warhol paintings and danced on the 12th floor of an office building. Not to forget the cultural sight-seeing, we also visited the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall. The trip was a success and it sure as hell gave us enough inspiration to return home and work on more awesome projects.

New faces at the office

2012 also brought many new additions to the team. Laurens (interactive developer), Alex (interactive designer), Edwin (interactive designer), Jasper (interactive developer intern), Kaan (interactive copywriter) and Vera (project manager) joined Supersteil to help us form the digital agency equivalent of Voltron -except we don’t destroy but create but you knew that already-. 

Important tids and bits

Naturally, we can’t list everything we did last year here. Still there are a few key events which are worthy of a mention. For instance, did you know that we also designed the new Pathé Business website? Or that we were featured in the Emerce eGuide? Or that Pathé Thuis is also now available on Xbox 360? Or that we became an official friend of Adobe User Group (AUG)? 

Who knows what the future brings?

We do! Firstly, you will continue hearing about Pathé in 2013. Pathé Thuis for iOS and Android tablets, which boasts a custom interface, will be released early this year. Furthermore, Pathé Thuis will receive new features which we’ll tell you more about later. And as the icing on the cake, Supersteil will be working on redesigning pathe.nl. We will bring the design in line with Pathé Thuis and Pathé Business which we designed last year. Cool, aye?

Secondly, you will see a new 538.nl. We will design a new website for 538 that will be multi-device responsive. Big words? That means we will create a site that functions just as smoothly on your tablet and smartphone as it does on your desktop devices. Moreover, the website will feature seamlessly embedded social media interaction, access to loads of tracks / music related material and a huge database so you can keep precise track of all the radio activity.

Closing words

When you look back at the past it feels like time flies. In that regard it is neat how much we managed to squeeze in to the past year. We put out new products, learned from our experiences, made new friends along the way and as a result became a lot stronger as a team. Such retrospection not only gives us the confidence of a proud past but also the promise of an exciting future. We are Supersteil, the digital agency with passion for interaction. 

Vera Butter - Project Manager

Vera is the project manager at Supersteil. She keeps track of what the team is doing, what they should be doing, and what they will be doing.

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