Want to be famous? Who's In Who's Out has arrived!

News: Want to be famous? Who's In Who's Out has arrived!

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Leon van Rees

Always dreamed of being a famous actor/actress? Who hasn’t. It’s likely your acting dreams haven’t come through... yet. Now is your chance to become a star!

Who’s In Who’s Out is a new crossmedia idea developed by producers NewBe TV and Tuvalu Media, broadcasted by BNN / Zapp on Dutch television from January 2012. The concept can be summarized as “Idols meets GTST”. Episodes are broadcasted on TV, but the online community decides who’s featuring these episodes amongst the regular cast.

Supersteil created the visual interface for this community and developed the site on the frontend. The site is connected to a backend developed by Shiny. There are some nice features involved creating this site.

Participants create their own profile. Focus in these profiles is on being in the spotlight, people can add video’s and photo’s to convince directors and other contestants of their acting skills. With the Interactive Audition Tool, created by Superheroecheesecake, you can even show off acting with dutch actors and actresses using your webcam. Exciting!

After creating a profile, participants can do lots of things: audit for an upcoming role, vote on other participants for winning a role or vote for other actors to leave the set. New chances to win something every week, so folks are triggered to come back on a regular basis. Of course, you can also check the episodes broadcasted on TV and even extra content called webisodes.

Winners: you can star in an episode of Who’s In Who’s Out, broadcasted by BNN! If the audience likes you, they can vote for your stay in the next episodes, other contesters are tend to leave.

So get off your butt, grab your webcam and claim your face on Dutch TV! And if you don’t like that, please support others by visiting wiwo.bnn.nl. :)

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