Pathé and Supersteil, sharing one vision

Towards the end of 2011 Pathé and Supersteil started collaborating closely on releasing Pathé Thuis, the all new video on demand service by Pathé.

Pathé Thuis brings you the best on demand movie experience there is on PC, Connected TV and Tablet environments in stunning HD quality. Honored by the challenge of designing interfaces for different devices, we felt we had to set a new standard for VOD, the client and ourselves.

The fantastic VOD team of Pathé gave us mass amounts of creative space, close commitment, useful input and critical feedback to get the best out of our collaboration. Together with Pathé we stretched our limits and the fruit of our labor, the video on demand platform Pathé Thuis, was released last December.

Final designs

Enough talking! Why not take a look at our work for yourself?